How to Install Callseeme

Computer accessories needed for one-off installation: Keyboard+Mouse

Your callseeme package contains:

  1. Single board computer with USB ports
  2. Wifi Module
  3. HDMI cable
  4. Power plug/pack
  5. USB camera



  1. Place camera on TV
  2. Press 'Input (or source)' button on TV remote and switch to HDMI
  3. Connect HDMI cable from computer to TV
  4. Insert Keyboard and mouse in computer USB ports
  5. Connect callseeme power supply to mains socket and switch on mains socket.
  6. Wait for callseeme to boot and load Skype
  7. Search for and log into your WiFi to establish internet connection. For USB-modems, just plug in USB-modem into USB-port and it will auto-install and auto-connect to internet.
  8. Use keyboard to log into Skype using user-account
  9. Make or receive a test call


If you need installation assistance, call us on 08028420101 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for installer service.